1) What type of domain name is used ?
Only .COM domain name

2) Can I use my own existing domain name ?

3) What is the maximum bandwidth allowed ?
10 GB per month

4) What type of images are allowed ?
We support jpeg, jpg or png extensions

5) Once payment is made, when will my website be live ?
Website will be live within 24 hours of payment

6) What payment methods do you accept ?
By monthly : We accept credit card or paypal
By yearly: Pay by Western Union

7) Do you provide logo services ?
Free 1 Logo design

8) Can I transfer the domain name to another registrar ?

9) Can I use the domain name for any other purposes ?
No. Domain name shall only be used for website creation on weberclay platform.

10) What if I forgotten my password ?
You may reset it anytime. Use the forget password link to reset your password.

11) What if I forgotten my password and email address ?
For security purposes, we do NOT allow any other administrators of the website other than the email originally used for registration or email used for payment.

12) Can I add html tags such as bold, italic or underline in the website?

13) What are the billing plans?
There are no extra cost, no setup fees and no hidden charges.
Just pay USD 5 per month to keep the website alive.
Cancel anytime.
If you choose the yearly plan, it is USD 60 per year.

14) Can I have an email account @MyOwnDomainName.com ?
It comes with 1 professional customized email account.

15) Billed monthly or annually ?
Both are available

16) What is 100% Money Back Guarantee ?
We will provide a full refund within the first 30 days of your payment.

17) What happens after the refund is done ?
After refund, your account is automatically canceled and terminated. .

18) How do I cancel my account ?
Just send us an email. We will cancel your account within 24 hours.

19) Can I change domain name after it has been registered ?
NO. Domain name change is NOT available after it has been registered.

20) Do you offer free trial ?
Yes we offer instant free 14 days trial.
The 14 days trial uses a temporary 14 days domain name.
No credit card needed.
Just click on the register button and proceed.

21) Can the trial be upgraded immediately ?
Yes, if you are happy with the trial, you may upgrade to the actual website and domain name.
Just click on the payment button at the final step, select monthly or yearly billing.
Once the real domain name goes live, the trial is discontinued.

21) Do I need to have technical skills to create a website ?
NO. You do not need any technical skills to create a website.
Our system automatically creates the website.
All you need to have is the write-up of yourself or your company and some pictures to go with it.
Beautiful pictures attracts people to read more on your website

22) Can you help with photos ?
We can assist with providing 10 free stock photos.

23) Can I check emails using outlook app on my phone ?
You can check emails using the outlook app on your phone.
Fast, easy and mobile friendly.

24) How to update the website contents ?
Once the website initial setup is completed, you take control.
Login anytime to update the contents and change the photos as you wish.
If you are not sure on how to edit the contents, just email our support team, and we will provide some tutorials.

Technical FAQ

What is a domain name ?
A domain name is like a house address.

What is a website ?
A website is like a house.

What is an email ?
An email allows people to send letters to your house.

What is webhosting ?
Webhosting is like the piece of land that you build your house on.

What is a template ?
A template is how your house will look like. Example, colors, materials, type of house

What information should a website contain ?
A website should have all the basic information about you or your company. Such a products, services provided, contact information and location address.

Can I upload videos ?
You can upload videos to youtube. Then copy the youtube link, and paste it on the video icon